May 4: Continua In Light

CONTINUA IN LIGHT, THREE ACTS is a video installation by Bay Area artists Cheryl Calleri and Thekla Hammond premiering May 4th, 2013.

A continuum is a continuous path along which an object is transformed by minute shifts and subtle changes into its opposite. Darkness becomes light. One fractures into many. Stasis explodes into movement. Direction loses purpose and becomes random. Scale is altered from large to small, small to large. Multiples coalesce into one. Then the process of transformation reverses itself.

Two projections will illuminate the walls with enhanced images of moving light. One projector will begin at the end of the video, the other at the beginning. They will intersect mid-way and then reverse directions.

Act I: VOICE, will combine the visual experience with music by Morton Lauridsen and Pauline Oliveros, performed live by Sine Nomine and Gioia, two Bay Area a cappella ensembles.

Act II: DANCE, features choreography by Nancy Karp in which the dancers’ movement patterns interact with the visual environment and the music of Nik Bärtsch.

Act III: IMMERSION, will expand the video projection and will integrate vocal ensembles, dancers and members of the audience, accompanied by the music of Tin Hat Trio, in an immersive experience to become physical and psychological elements in CONTINUA IN LIGHT.

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