October 19, 2012: The Artist is Elsewhere

As part of the 2012 ZERO1 BIENNIAL, the Performance Art Institute presents: The Artist is Elsewhere, an evening of remote access performances curated by Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert. Each performance will be delivered LIVE, but somewhere else: in offices, apartments, on the street, in other countries. . . anyplace else in the world. Each performance will be accessible to the audience at PAI through remote access technology.

October 19th 2012: The Artist is Elsewhere
Doors open at 7:30pm
Performances begin promptly at 8:00pm
Tickets are $10 advance and $15 at the door

Conceptual artist duo Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert return to PAI with their next curatorial endeavor, The Artist is Elsewhere, an evening of remote-access performances. Artists participating in the event include Linda FordJustin Charles Hoover, Second Front (organized by Scott Kildall), Sonya RapoportRoland Roos, Tiffany TrendaStoll and WachallLee WaltonGordon Winiemko, and Michael Zheng. The Artist is Elsewhere is the first of three programs to be held at The Performance Art institute as part of the 2012 Zero1 Biennial.

The Artist Is Elsewhere is a juxtaposition of radically different ways of existing in time and space. The performers participating in the event examine notions of absence and presence, physical and virtual, corporeal and mechanical to create inter-subjective dialogues mediated by technology. With an evocative nod to Marina Abramovic’s famous retrospective (called “The Artist is Present”), Fletcher and Reichert assembled artists who will deliver live performances somewhere outside the confines of PAI’s exhibition space; in office buildings, apartments, malls, street corners – anyplace else in the world. Each performance will be accessible to the evening’s attendees through televisual devices like telephones, video conferencing equipment, web cams, and other remote access technologies.

In keeping with the 2012 Zero1 Biennial’s theme “Seeking Silicon Valley”, contributors to The Artist is Elsewhere will emphasize notions of labor in an increasingly sedentary working environment. In Silicon Valley, “work” means developing concepts, programming, filing patents, or closing deals. The Silicon Valley labor market specializes in privatized ideas, while the physical labor of manufacturing their products is handled elsewhere.

In Googala Rasa, Scott Kildall uses the Google Docs spreadsheet as a digital arena for a live networked performance of text, numbers, formulas, and formatting simultaneously contributed by participants located in the US, Canada, Britain, and Italy. In Weltschmerz made in Germany, Klaudia Stoll and Jaqueline Wachall (a.k.a. Stoll and Wachall) use Skype to deliver a performance from Berlin where their mock business aims to sell us an emotional sense of melancholy.

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  1. I spoke to you guys earlier today and a few days ago about renting the space out for rehearsal. Would i be able to rent it out from 7-10pm on tuesday the 30th? Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.

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