RE-COLLECTING MEMORIES, a performance installation by Igor Josifov

IgorJoin PAI and our Artists in Residence, Igor Josifov & Tobias Tovera, for a night of performance art.

Saturday August 24th, 7:00-11:00PM
Performances: 8:00PM

Josifov’s MANUMISSION (2007) experimented with burning paper as a medium and method of art creation, and, over the years, was explored through the burning of some 300 works on paper – many of which can be viewed at galleries and museums around the world.

RE-COLLECTING MEMORIES, Josifov’s most recent project with PAI as Artist in Residence, is a performance installation that hopes to encapsulate the evolution of the paper-burning medium. Additionally, the project seeks to capture traces of restlessness resulting from a nomadic lifestyle that necessitates the act of being taken out of one’s “comfort zone” and the stresses involved in not having a stable environment to rest one’s head, to sleep. The performance will mark the mental and visual projection of a state of (un)consciousness where fire is the catalyst that liberates the spirit and at once leaves behind marks of the past.

Using large pieces of heavy paper drenched with masking fluid, Josifov will capture various sleeping positions of his body over a period of several days. A solid cube construction formed by four large pieces of the heavy paper, now imprinted with bodily forms, will be burned from inside of the installation thus allowing the audience to observe images being burned/formed while Josifov remains out-of-view.

Happening simultaneously will be Tovera’s TRANSMUTATION exhibit, which has been running live at PAI since July 19th. Tovera will likewise be performing the inception of a new installation connected to TRANSMUTATION and in conversation with RE-COLLECTING MEMORIES.

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