March 30: Corpo Insurrecto 3.0: The Robo-Proletariat


Saturday, March 30th, 8PM

NEW venue:  435 23RD STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107

Free parking!  Accessible on the MUNI Light Rail!

(Cross Streets: 23rd Street & Illinois, STORAGE facility on the waterfront)


A performance project by Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Roberto Sifuentes & Erica Mott. With La Pocha Nostra Associates: Brittany Chavez, Allison Wyper, Esther Baker Tarpaga, Rico Martin and Marcos Nájera
Producer: Marcos Nájera


What happens when you examine the intersection of the following performance personas: An aging deviant shaman, a Neo-Aztec priest making romantic religious tableaux with a goat, a flamenco drag king and an Oil Spill Madonna?

The newest work of La Pocha Nostra, considered by critics to be “the most influential Latino performance art troupe of the last 10 years.” La Pocha Nostra Live Art Laboratory presents the US Premiere of Corpo Insurrecto 3.0: The Robo-Proletariat. Corpo Insurrecto samples both new work and performance classics, addressing the current global culture of far right isolationism, xenophobia, the violence of organized crime and a broken economy and how these factors impact the human body.

As in most Pocha projects, audience members are invited to participate in this bizarre experiment. They will be invited to collaborate as we incarnate “the dreams and nightmares of our current times,” and to help the performers re-imagine new iconography by intervening the performance with their own bodies in dialogue with the performers. Through this, LPN will invoke a “wonderfully clumsy but efficient form of radical democratic practice.”

La Pocha Nostra is a trans-disciplinary arts organization that provides a support network and forum for artists of various disciplines, generations and ethnic backgrounds. La Pocha is devoted to erasing the borders between art and politics, art practice and theory, artist and spectator. La Pocha Nostra has intensely focused on the notion of collaboration across national borders, race, gender and generations as an act of radical citizen diplomacy and as a means to create “ephemeral communities” of rebel artists.

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2 thoughts on “March 30: Corpo Insurrecto 3.0: The Robo-Proletariat”

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  2. Corpo Insurrecto 3.0: The Robo-Proletariat yesterday 03-30-13 was unbelievable, amazing, sensual, perverse, beautiful and very very thought provoking. New tableaux as well as old, and THE VENEW! A “Rent-a-space” storage facility on 3rd made all the difference to me — one of the best performance of LPN that I’ve seen in a long time.
    (any chance to get the playlist?? ha! from JL Perales to whitney? Brillant

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